Live Charts Wowza & Icecast

Tutorial in progress

Update sept 29 1015. I created a new dashboard for it with bootstrap, so it works on my cell now. It doesnt have the charts in it (yet), but its a first new version. Although wowza now can be accessed by an api i still continue to work on this project, the only dependency on it is the extraction of the connectioncounts and serverinfo, but that will be solved with a cronjob in a new version.
For now i will call this Wowza Dashboard instead of live charts. You can see more here…..

Update june 11 2014: Im currently rebuilding some scripts so it can be used for wowza 4.x The setup below was based on wowza 3.x New update will follow soon

Why build charts for Wowza and Icecast
I’ve been searching on the internet for an opensource solution to provide basic graphic information about Wowza and Icecast2 stream information. The most common reactions are to connect with the console or read the server logs. I don’t mind reading server logs, but i also like to see it in a chart page. That’s the reason why i started with this. I dont have Java knowledgde so i decided to take it from a different angle. The server setup doesnt matter, as long as you have a webserver, MySQL and php5.x and a connection (basic-admin) to your Icecast2 or Wowza server.

  • Used Highcharts (free for personal use) for chart information
  • Live chart of the complete VHost
  • Chart information about a certain stream
  • Tested on a basic installation of Wowza 3.x (32+64bit installation)
  • Testing on Wowza 4.x in progress

I started with a scheme what i made a while ago. From this point of view i wanted to get all the information. I don’t have the MySQL tables ready and haven’t GEO ip build in yet though. But this project is still in progress. I wanted to get the functionality first.

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