Enecsys Dashboard V4.0 – LIVE

Update december 12, 2017
I released an upgrade on the complete installation. The dashboard and installation now supports the latest Raspbian release (Raspbian Stretch), the code is compatible with php7 and i did some security checks on the MariaDB, rewrite of some installation scripts. 

Update january 6, 2017
My new dashboard has been live for 2 weeks now. I had some users beta testing the software. I fixed the bugs and finally released my code.
Just take a look at the demo video. The live version has some extra historical pages.


Github page: https://github.com/nlmaca/Enecsys_Dashboard
on the github page you can find the complete installation guide.

The installation only depends on a fresh installation of Debian Jessie (light) on a clean rpi. The installation guide will tell you all about it.

– Of course i will provide basic support. But i expect from users, that they at least try before contacting me ;). Feel free to leave a comment.

If you need remote support (install it for you) it is a possibility, but a small donation would be appreciated.

From this point i quit the active development of this Dashboard. Maybe at a later date i will start building again, depending on the requests, but im on to my next project 😀
All my previous posts about the enecsys dashboard are deleted, because i removed the code from github and i don’t want to advertise empty or non-working posts.

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