RPA Buddies – Part #005

The last blogpost was already a couple of weeks ago. In the meantime i have done quite some work


  • Network configuration ready
  • VLAN setup changed and reconfigured
  • Setup the Edgerouter Pro from when i start with the new 30 VLAN.

ESXi Server

  • Installed
  • Added Extra datastore for OS images and backups
  • Configured virtual switches

Network rack

  • I still have to shorten some of the patch cables.
  • Add an LED strip

UiPath Cloud Platform

  • Registered a cloud environment for the Buddies. 
  • Configuration of robot, machines en folder setup in progress. 

In the next period i planned some training and will install the Active Directory, DNS and a first unattended robot so i can start building some basic scripts with UiPath. 

In the meantime i will publish some extra blogs about the setup of ESXi, the configuration of the UiPath Cloud setup (adding and configuration of the machines and robot).

Here a preview of the monitoring in Home Assistant. I only use one power socket for now. 


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