Start of RPA Buddies – Part #001

Start of my new project RPA Buddies

Last year i decided it was time for a new (mega) project where i would be busy with the next coming months and hopefully years. I will give myself one year to explore this project and will see where i will end up next year, either way i will be learning new things and will face many challenges along the way. 

So, what is the project? 

RPA Buddies

Since 2017 i have an Unattended RPA buddy running several projects for myself and family members. I use the UiPath Cloud platform for that. I have another attended buddy that helps me and i have a 24/7 Unattended Buddy working for me and 

But i do not have running new projects at the moment. So i decided to challenge myself (again). Build my own Company, departments, hire employees and conquer all the problems that will occur along the way. All based on fiction, so i can be creative where i want. A company on paper, but with real life issues to overcome.

I could of course run it all locally, but where is the challenge in that. I want to try to show the process of the working robots that are in use and some sort of a web dashboard where people can see the live workload that the robots are working on. All in realtime.

I have many ideas on how i want to visualize it and will work on that along the way.

Did i have everything worked out already. Nope, i actually have so many ideas that i have i hard time to start with which part. So i started with filling the backlog in Jira Software.

Will i succeed?

Of course i will /*sarcasm. Actually, i have no idea. The most important part for me is i want to have fun, challenge myself, overcome my shortcomings, upgrade my knowlegde and might find a new career path, who knows. Most of all it’s a personal fun project. How should i call it? An IT-diary? haha.

If i don’t succeed that is fine too. Or. It was a nice try, learned a lot, but have other things to attend to in life.

What’s next?

I have registered 2 domain names and that was the start. The name RPA Buddies is for the main company and RPA Buddy i have no use for yet. My knowlegde is not limited to RPA and i want to upgrade my game. I need a big challenge for myself where i can be creative, overcome issues and argue with myself haha.

August 2022. Starting to create plans and registered 2 domainnames.

June 27, Coming soon page launched. 

Planned: July 14 Launch of info site.

I work in sprints of 2 weeks. 

Sprint 1:

  • Setup webhosting
  • Setup gmail/google account for Analytics.
  • Setup kofi to make donations possible Kofi – RPA Buddies
  • Setup intro blogpost
  • Calculate if co-location of my server is a better aproach then on-premise. Still brainstorming on what would be best.
  • Hardware and software plan

I want to create a blog every week, so i can keep track of my progress. At first it will be headlines and later on i hope to explain more in blogs and videos.

Several parts of the project will be discussed.(hardware, software, RPA software and tooling, etc). 

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