RPA Buddies – Part #006

In my previous blog i have setup the UiPath cloud platform. Because i want to document the (most) steps i do on the website, i also decided to start making video’s. The issue i had with this is that i do not have video editing skills (yet), so why not add that that to the project as a new skill to learn. 

When installing and configuring RPA tooling i also want to document some of the steps i do. I used to do that by creating screenshots and explain everything. I will keep doing that, but in the meantime also start creating videos.

 I have tried to create video’s before but never had fun doing that, because of the lack of editing skills. So, why not add this to the project. Let’s learn some editing and see where i end up.

This project for me is not only about maintaining my RPA skills, but also to gain new skills and having fun exploring new tools.  

Video editing

So, what would be the best way to start and which software should i use. Based on my research on Youtube i decided to go for Davinci Resolve 18. The free version provides me plenty options for now. 

Followed some youtube video’s on how to start and let’s see what i can create for a first video. I’m pretty curious on how i will progress on that part. There are quite some things i have to improve after recording my first video, but i will do that in the next videos to come. It doesn’t have to be perfect the first time.

One of the first things you notice when creating videos is hearing your own voice. Do i really sound like that?. I have created video’s before, but that is always the strange thing.

Reference: [Casey Faris] Start Editing YouTube Videos for FREE with ZERO Knowledge – Video Editing for TOTAL BEGINNERS

Recording Software

I have been using [OBS] – Open Broadcaster Software before, so i decided to go for that.

Tweaked the recording settings so i can have the best quality setup with the help of [Hammer Dance] Best OBS Settings For Recording | The Ultimate Guide | 2023 Edition

So in the next blogs and detailed blogs i might add some links to the video explanation. 


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