RPA Buddies – Part #002

Already part 2 of the series. I’m almost done with sprint 2 which will end friday night. I had to do some research on how i want to setup my operations dashboard, so i could make a start for a first draft version on the local dev server. 

This second sprint is a bit of everything, but most important was the release of rpa-buddies.nl which i just launched.

To give a summary on what else i did the last two weeks:

  • Plan the next 4 blogs
  • Setup webhosting for the public site and operations dashboard
  • Launched a coming soon page for the operations dashboard. 
  • Ordered some extra part for the Intel Nuc (more ram and m2 SSD) to move my UiPath UA robot to an intel Nuc which is less power hungry then the computer it is running on it now. 
  • Jira backlog refinement for the coming sprints. 

Although i work with RPA on a daily base and already am a productowner, i am not certified in any of them. I worked my way into RPA by learning on the job and in my personal time.

And that is what i want to change. Because of this hobby project i can study at the same time. So in every sprint i will reserve time to follow some trainings of different RPA tools and also work my way towards certification. So i have a busy schedule the coming months.


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