Rollback Update 4.0.3 to 4.0.0

This tutorial will show how to do a rollback of a just updated WowzaStreamingEngine installed on a Ubuntu Server System

This tutorial is a follow up on the article about the update process
Reference Guide:

You only want to do a rollback if your update process has failed for some reason.

Step1: update directory

go to your commandline and go the update directory and to the linux update location

Step2: execute rollback 

Execute the rollback command:

If you haven’t stopped your services first you will receive this notification:

 Step3: stop all wowza services

Also the note here that you have to stop your services first. Stop the ServerEngineManager and the ServerEngine at once

Run Step2 again

You will see this notification:

Are you sure you want to continue?: Y

And a final message that the rollback is complete:

Step3: restart services

So the restore should be complete and its time to restart our services again. Make sure to first start the StreamingEngineManager

 Step4: check browser

Ok. lets check the server message in your browser: https://<ipaddress>:1935

Prior my rollback this was the message:

and now after the rollback

So thats a good message. The rollback has been completed.

Note: first thing i noticed when logging back in, i couldn’t see my applications. (it looked like a new install). Press F5 to solve this problem. It might be a cache problem of your browser. Im not sure what is causing this.

My incoming stream automaticly reconnected again. So in this case i can say i had a successfull rollback



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