Upgrade Wowza 4.0.x to 4.3.x

Update Nov 18 2015. New upgrade process. This tutorial will show how to upgrade wowza to a newer version based on the update process wowza has provided.

Reference Guide: https://www.wowza.com/forums/content.php?579
Reference Guide Update: https://www.wowza.com/forums/content.php?197-software-updates
Download package: You need a wowza acccount now (Don’t worry its free)

*Note. first the download was freely available. now you need a wowza account first. From the My Downloads tab you can select the new zipfile
Current build: WowzaStreamingEngine-Update-

You dont need a new developer license when upgrading:

It looks like it should be easier to upgrade Wowza now to a newer version. I am using a developer license in this process to show how to upgrade. My WowzaStreamingEngine server is running on:

Ubuntu server 12.04 LTS – precise -32 bit / works also on CentOS 6.7 – 64bit

From this point i will start the upgrade. This is a guide as is. Always try to upgrade in a test environment.

Note: Always make an extra backup of your wowza system. After the update as shown in this tutorial you will loose the applications you have made!!.

Step1: license
I thought i needed a new license, but it isn’t asked in the update process and even after the update to 4.3.0 im still running on the same license:D

Step2: download update

Go to the tmp folder

Download the zip package to your server:

Where WOWZADOWNLOAD is the link you can copy from the My Downloads tab

I assume you have zip installed on your server.

Step3: copy update file
Copy the zip file  to the update directory (/usr/local/WowzaStreamingEngine/updates/)

 Step4: update directory
Go the update directory:

and unzip the file to a newly made directory based on the same name as the zip file. The -d says it should be unzipped to a directory

You will now see the zip file but also a directory with all the files unzipped

Step5: linux update
Time to start the update process. In this case im using the linux version, so we have to go to the linux update directory

Step6: permissions update.sh
Before we can run the update we have to set some permissions on the update.sh file

Step7: run the update
Time to run the update and see if we are getting issues

Step8: error:
First error: Streaming Engine still running:

We have to stop the running server first. The command depends on the distro you are using. use the command you normally use to stop the wowza server

After the server has stopped. we start again from Step7. Run the update.sh again

Step9: error 2
Second error: Streaming Engine Manager still running

So also with the previous one we have to stop the service first

Ok. let’s try it again from Step7 to run the update.sh again

Step10: upgrade process

This is the result im looking for:

Are you sure you want to continue?: Y

And again some information:

Press Enter

The backup and upgrade process will start

and… it should be done?

Yes it is. In the message it says a backup has been made. Lets check if it did.

Step11: Restart the services

Time to bring the server back online

I thought in a logical way to start the StreamingEngine first and after that the StreamingManager, but i have to do it the other way around.  So first start the EngineManager and after that the Engine:

Step12: browser manager

Time to go to your browser and open the manager interface <ipaddress>:8088 and login

in my scenario i made some test applications before i started the update process. All of them are still there.

But i’ve checked the backup that has been made. It doesn’t contain the applications prior the update. So just in case. ALWAYS make a backup of your complete installation.

In case you want to check the backup zip file copy it to a directory in for example your home folder and unzip it to check what’s in the file.


Conclusion: wowza made it much better this way to do an upgrade to a newer version in my opinion. Even the fun part is that my incoming stream has connected automaticly again and went back online again.

Check the Rollback scenario


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