Wowza Dashboard 1.0

I finally got it together to launch my first stable release of the rebuild i did on the wowza live charts. The plan was to fix it first for mobile versions and with less ‘goodies’ on it. I went for the crucial data first to monitor these things:
* is the server online,  how many users are connected, how many total connections are there, what the bandwith is, which apps are currently running, etcetera

From there on i got a good starting point for more ideas. Although wowza 4.2.x now offers RESTApi connections im still gonna work on this version.

Version 1.0 – released september 29 / Github:
it connects with the wowza server and will extract the xml from the connectioncounts. Im already working on version 1.1 😀
Some screenshots below. on my github page you can also find the information to check out the demo




















Just let me know what you think about it or have any questions.

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7 Responses

  1. jorge says:

    this is great. i’m going to be implementing this to monitor our wowza server.

    any chance to pull information from the serverinfo http provider, such as connected IP addresses, duration, etc?

    • maca says:

      Hi Jorge, thx for the response, im still working on that. i dont know if that will be available in the next release yet, because that data is running in a different xml file, so i have to somehow combine them together. im working on the live data currently. I stripped some parts out of it which i will build back in (to get more detailed information about the application itself)

    • maca says:

      Hi jorge, i will insert this in the next release (i hope next week), i got it working and am testing it. There will be a button to get more detailed information about the application. Currently working on implementing it.

  2. Gabriel says:


    Does it work with Wowza 2.2.4?

    What is the default password of “admin” on your dashboard?

    Try decrypting from the base, but I could never enter the panel.


    • maca says:

      Hi Gabriel, i already gave you answer on the email, but may be usefull for othter people. The default credentials are login: admin / password: dashboard

  3. jetter says:

    hi MACA
    if i have 4 wowza server , dashboard can show all of them in vhost_overview.php page ?

    • maca says:

      Hi jetter,
      Thx for the reply.
      this script is only build to monitor 1 wowza (4.x) server. Im working on a multiserver monitoring dashboard, but i have some challenges on that (because im depending on the xml output of the server.. So at this point you have to deploy 4 versions of the dashboard.

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